Taking Off

This web page has taken off thanks to my friend Terje Børjeson who helps me with the publishing. He has a life long career in video productions and website presentation. As a rookie in both disciplines I am glad to have him onboard. See his masterpiece which offers a presentation of our home town Oslo, Norway, which makes me proud.
We are working on a series of videos showing Twin Otter flying in Nepal in the mid eighties. The first video is already launched as a teaser. See the bottom of the front page.

I had the privilege to fly the UN Twin Otter through ICAO with some colleagues from Widerøe Airline of Norway, in the mid eighties. It was indeed «Stick and Rudder» flying involved, which is in my opinion is the basis of Airmanship, which this website will all about. So welcome onboard, I hope you will enjoy the flights.

Welcome onboard, I hope you will enjoy the flights, Captain Stein Arne Fossum

31.01.16: The Nepal STOL mission video is out, see the below Link: