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TLA´s (three Letter Abbreviations) are a must in aviation. ACT is useful one which can remind us of different Airmanship tools. For instance it describes why we ACT like we do, which is based on our Attitude which is based on our Culture which is based on our Traditions, i.e. how we do things in this group. Man (including woman) is a flock animal, we are closely connected to and at large we do follow the behavior of the others in the group, what the others do, we do. To change undesirable culture in any aviation organization is difficult and it will take time.

Another ACT interpretation is: Attitude – Configuration – Thrust, which is the checklist if you are in an unusual attitude or loss of control situation. The first thing is to straighten the aircraft, then check the settings of flaps, gear, etc. and then apply the necessary thrust to get out of the situation. Everything needs to be done quickly and all three needs to be ACTivated for the best possible outcome.

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