Delay of Blogg, etc. until end of April 2017

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Extended yet another month! April 2017

Dear followers. I am selling our company Fossums AS (LTD) which has been and still is rather demanding, both work and sale. It is time for retirement. Hopefully the  will be sale by the end of this year. That done I can enjoy focusing on my passion which is Airmanship, including this website. I will use the time until February 2017 to learn more about how to make Web-sites. I need to present more pictures and videos.

The Nepal STOl mission video is still for sale on Vimeo for 4 more days. It has not been many sales. Hence I will not renew the subscription, which expires 12/16/2016.

I have a feeling that aviation enthusiasts would rather have a DVD with a nice cover. The trial version is made and seems to be well received. I presented the whole video for a group of SAS veterans, including a lecture with more details on the the STOL mission. The 5 copies of the DVDs I brought with me was sold!

I have called the video: “The Nepal STOL mission” with the subtitle: “Himalaya Twin Otter Flying in the 80´s”

I consider changing it to: “Flying on the Edge” with the same subtitle. Maybe I ad Nepal.

Comments is highly appreciated. I´ll check in weekly.

Best Regards

Captain Stein Arne Fossum, retired

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