Error Syndrome 2, The Intermediate Syndrome

By 6. september 2015 Airmanship No Comments

Now you are an aviator with the insight and skills needed for safe basic flights. At this stage this is the trap, as you don´t know it all, neither do you have the capability (knowledge and skills) to handle everything thrown at you. your own perception could lead you to maneuver with too small margins or in an area you are not competent to operate in. It could be in an advanced aircraft or the equipment or flying conditions. One sample might be to operate in low visibility or clouds without the proper training and equipment, i.e. an instrument rated and current pilot in an instrument approved aircraft. Without these requirements it´s a killer, so stay in safe distance from low visibility and clouds. Be aware of your limitations and that learning to fly, or rather operate an aircraft is a life long learning process.

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