Man Cannot Fly! – He / She can Only Learn to Operate an Aircraft

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Human beings are not born to fly. We have no inherent “systems” of being and to perform in, a 3 dimensional environment. Sometimes we may hear that someone acted instinctively to a situation in the air. That is not possible as every behavior on how to operate an aircraft has to be learned.

The partnership between man and flying-machine, is simply:
1. Man cannot fly! Hence he needs artificial assistance, i.e. a machine which can fly.
2. A flying machine can fly, but it cannot navigate without help of man!
3. The human and the aircraft is detrimental to safe performance in the air.

-To understand this man and machine relationship, it´s potential and limitations, is detrimental to master the art of operating an aircraft.

It is of vital importance to understand the fact that man has no instincts to fly as we are «designed» for a two dimensional environment. Hence some dangers and inherent undesired behavior must be observed in the process of learning to master the art of operating the aircraft. One should always keep in mind that: «man can not learn to fly, he can only learn to operate an aircraft.

“Flying through rocks is later in the program” – Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Even birds have their limitations.


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