Nepal Twin Otter Accident in Nepal, Feb. 24, 2016

By 24. februar 2016 Airmanship No Comments

Again there has been a fatal accident in my beloved Nepal. It is way too early to speculate in what has happened. It is however fair to say that there has been too many accidents in Nepal over the years. Again it is time to ask if some of these accidents could have been avoided. I believe the answer is yes. However it does not help to point a one solution finger at anyone. What is needed is a thorough analysis of the accidents to find if there are some common grounds between them or some of them. One could of course point at the physical environment, the terrain and weather shifts, but that is well known and can be handled safe with proper adherence to obvious limitations. I know as I flew there for more than 3 years in the mid eighties.

There is a reason why the domestic airliners in Nepal are blacklisted in Europe. The question is why isn´t anybody do something about it? I have told my children not to fly with the domestic airlines as the statistics indicates it is dangerous. As the wise man says: “A man who know how will most often succeed. A man who know why will always succeed. It is time to ask why, get the answers and then to do something about it. It´s that simple and that difficult!



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