Rules and Regulations vs. Norms

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It is said that Man (including Woman) follows Norms not the Law, i.e. Rules and Regulations. So what is a norm? It is simply what is normal to do, in a group or society. A now retired chief of police in a Norwegian city, was asked if he ever had broken the law. His answer was «I have a car!». Based on that simple statement it is fair to say that most of us are not always following the law. We rather follow the norms of our societies. Norms is not the same everywhere as they are a part of the culture in the group. The culture is a result of traditions which are created and kept within the group. These are mainly created and promoted by the leaders in the group, the Alfa males and/or females. An important contribution to the safety standards in any aviation group will always be how serious these leaders are about safety.

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