Enough Rules & Regulations?

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Aviation rules and regulations has been along as long as aviation itself. But it has changed especially in volume and details. Today most of Europe are «ruled» by EASA. The regulations are comprehensive to put it mildly. A few years back I was on an annual EASA helicopter conference in Cologne and one of the speakers with years of experience finally said it: «We might have too many rules». He openly said that todays quest for more rules, more regulations might not contribute to better safety. It is just too much for anybody to have oversight and to follow all these rules at all times. To that extent we often hear that no flight happens without a violation of some of the regulations. I believe a part of the problem is that one do not use more resources on fostering higher safety standards through attitude and culture, skill, knowledge and trust to the airmen.

Captain Stein Arne Fossum, Retired

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