The Best Man for the job might be a Woman!

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The heading illustrates an important truth as well as the interpretation of the word man on this website The words man/ men and he is including woman / women on this website, ref. mankind.

Women’s contribution to aviation and aviation safety will be covered and discussed in this forum. We firmly believe that women are significant contributors to the high standards of safety on the aviation communities. See proverbs below:

«The biggest threat to aviation safety is the male ego!» – Donita Holland, hang glider pioneer.
This proverb is used in my lectures on Airmanship / Air Safety. If anybody knows how to contact Donita I would like to get in touch.

Another good proverb is:
«Men are so afraid of loosing face that they loose their head and break their neck!» (This time we are talking about the Male part of Mankind).

A discussion on the above issues which address if there are different learning patterns between males and females when learning to fly and when flying would be interesting. Especially with regard to airmanship, especially attitudes towards and handling risks.

31.01.16: The Nepal STOL mission video is out, see the below Link:

Capt. Stein Arne Fossum

Don't forget to check my
NEPAL STOL mission Video