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As we have our son in Kathmandu these days, I have prioritized to follow up him and other friends in Nepal. They are finally through the worst Earthquake in 80 years. Our son and our friends, Nepali and Norwegian are ok, but report a hell. Now however the aftermath begins and our family are involved in that as well. Nepal is after all our second homeland as we lived there in the mid eighties where I was working for ICAO in a UN project flying their Twin Otter serving all the aid projects there. At the same time I was an advisor to the NCAA with the NCAA director as my counterpart. We were training CAA personnel in operations of a modern airline operator and Certified the STOL operations according to ICAO standards. This website will soon be filled with videos showing all the STOl airports we operated on, including the famous Lukla airport.

Regards Captain Stein Arne Fossum

31.01.16: The Nepal STOL mission video is out, see the below Link:


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