The Hudson River Hero speaking out on pilot recruitment and Training

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Captain Sully Sullenberger has after his masterpiece on Hudson river become a true hero and is using his unique standing in aviation history to promote safety through good airmanship. The masterpiece he performed was not a miracle or «gods hand». It was a master of the art of operating an aircraft who did his job! This was only possible due to his training and experience which made him do the right thing at the right place at the right time! It was excellent airmanship of the first degree!
Now the master has spoken out to the US senate, and they better listen as the rest of the World should, because he is right, so right!
He recommends that airline pilots should have sufficient flight experience, i.e. a minimum of 1500 hours and that copilots on regional airlines shall have a living wage, and much more. Read his whole statement here:

Follow captain sully on his website: Links to other social media i.e. Facebook is found there.

Why 1500 hours? This is simply because the skills a pilot needs to perform at an acceptable level needs this amount of hours. The copilot is not only onboard as a trainee and an assistant to the captain. He should be able to handle an emergency like the Hudson river in case the captain is incapacitated. This requires at least 1500 hours, it´s that simple, it´s all about safety.

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