The Nepal STOL Flying Video (STOL – Short Take Off and Landing).

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New: The video teaser is out on Vimeo, see where you will find a 3 minutes long teaser. You can also read more on the front page and log in from there.

The full video is 1.05 hour long and can be bought or rented for a small contribution. We hope to cover the production cost. We are also working on doing the same at YouTube.

The flying we did in the eighties on the STOL airports in Nepal was documented on video in VHS format. A video was produced, but the technology at the time ended in poor quality. It was used in some lectures and presentations, and well received by aviation enthusiasts, copies could not be made. We have recently gotten access to professional equipment and converted the original master tapes into digital format. The result is very promising as you can see in the teaser on the front page. We are working hard to have a finished video 15th of September. It is indeed time consuming as every digital second of the first video has to be marked and put in order before we produce it. It is however great to go down the memory line like that. I can assure you that I would not have been capable of flying like that today. The video will not only be about flying on all the great airports in Nepal. We where there for to serve the people of Nepal by improving their STOL operations as the remote airports where of vital importance in the infrastructure. The alternative to fly could be more than a week of trekking. We also served the Aid Organizations from all over the World and the Nepali authorities in their quest for serving the Nepali people. We hence flew equipment, people and food to the most remote areas in the Nepal part of Himalaya. Each and every airport had a story to tell!

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