The Nepal STOL Mission 2

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This adventure started for me in 1985. I was a Twin Otter  Captain in Widerøe Airline in Norway. Widerøe was a domestic airline which connected the Norwegian STOL ports with National domestic and international airports. We where told that they at the time was the Worlds largest Twin Otter operator. The STOL ports covered the west coast mid and northern Norway. The flying was demanding with VFR/IFR operations in fjords an mountainous terrain.The weather was often extreme. The Twin Otters was scarcely equipped, there was no autopilots, weather radars or ground proximity warning systems. The ground equipment on the STOL ports were equally basic with non precision approaches and basic lightning. All this prepared us well for the Nepal STOL mission. When ICAO contacted Widerøe and asked if any pilots would be interested in flying the UN plane in Nepal, they clearly stated that this was due to De Havilland’s recommendation.

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