The Nepal STOL Mission Video Has Taken Off

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The Nepal STOL mission video has been launched. It is a 1:05 hour video which shows Twin Otter Flying in Nepal like it´s never shown before. It´s all from the mid eighties when all the STOL ports where “dirt” strips (gravel and grass). We served the Nepali people flying the UN Twin Otter operated by ICAO.

Most people have of course heard about Lukla, which rated as the Worlds Most Dangerous Airport. You will see spectacular take-offs and landings, also with a cockpit view. There are however other airports which also are worth visiting. Every airport will have a story to tell with it´s breathtaking view, the people and the culture. We have already presented a teaser from Manang, which is situated in the Himalayas.

There will be more great shots of the spectacular view and the Manang people. Dolpa is another high altitude airport with rough surroundings. Simikot close to the Tibetan border,  is a remote high altitude airport with spectacular flying surroundings and people. We´ll also see Jiri, Nepalgunj, Dhangadi, Jomsom, Jumla, Bajura and Phaplu. Phaplu is interesting, as it is the only airport where we take-offs and were done uphill.

Besides the Twin Otter we have some flying performance magic by a Pilatus Porter.  A quick Pilatus visit to Syanboche, close to Everest Base Camp is included! We hope you are looking forward to it!

The mission was to assist the national and international aid organizations with their projects. We transported people, equipment, food, etc. to the remote areas.  We also assisted the NCAA in training their staff in flight operations, maintenance and management.

In 1987 we did a series of tests to officially certify the operations. We got assistance by Capt. Frank Black, a Canadian Twin Otter Expert. This is well documented in the video.

I think the video prove that we all can agree that Airmanship is the Will and Skill to Safely Operate an Aircraft.

Note: To purchase or rent the video, you must register a free Vimeo account. If you already have an account, you can just log in.

See the front page, or:

You will also find a 3 min. free teaser on the front page and on Vimeo. The full video is 1:05 hour long and as mentioned above, full of breathtaking flying and it also shows the Land and the people we served. Enjoy!



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