The Safety Goals: Zero or As Low as Reasonable Practicable

The safety goal has the later years been to reduce risk “as low as reasonably practicable”.  Earlier it has been understood to be Zero (Nil), which some experts still subscribe to. I had the same thought until I understood that it is a misconception. The mix is that it is interpreted to replace the safety goal, which is zero accidents. This is not the same. Of course every flight done should have a goal of a safe return to mother earth. However, there will always be risks involved, which should be handled. Risk that can lead to an accident should not be accepted. They should either be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level. The vision of an accident free aviation World should still be the leading star. We might never reach that, but the journey towards that goal must be with tools and equipment to achieve it. That is risk management which is guided by the “As Low As Reasonably Practicable” philosophy. After all we cannot eliminate all potential risks in any human activities including aviation.

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