The STOL mission 4

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The STOL ports was rated in 3 categories A, B and C, as we did in Norway. A was regular STOL ports without any specific challenges. B was more demanding with some challenges when taking off or landing or other restriction with regard to runway  length, conditions or altitude, approach or climb-out. Both A and B STOL-ports could be flown both ways i.e. landings and take-offs could be performed both ways, depending on wind conditions. A C-port was the most demanding a could have multiple challenges with regard to runway length, profile, elevation and obstacles. Most of them would be so called «one way in, the other way out», i.e. approach and landing could only be from one direction and the take-offs would be done in the other direction. The most famous airport was Tenzing Hillary Airport also known as Lukla which is rated as the most dangerous airport in the World. It was the gateway to Everest Base Camp with a lot of activities. Personally I would not call any airport «dangerous», but rather «extremely challenging». Lukla was indeed extreme and challenging as proven by quite a few fatal accidents and near misses throughout the years. Add to that extreme commercial pressure. See a 3 minutes teaser or our 1:05 hr video on Vimeo:


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