Other Aviation Syndromes 2, The Trial and Error Syndrome

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This syndrome is similar to the Pioneer Syndrome and hence the Beginner Syndrome. The difference being that it is a totally uncontrolled activity. The person(s) involved has no background, knowledge, aid or training. The first accident in this category might have been the accident of Leonardo Da Vinci´s apprentice, if the story is true. It has been told that he took Leonardo´s flying machine without Leonardo´s knowledge, to a tower. He launched the flying machine by just jumping off the tower and plunged to the ground. He died in this attempt. The lesson learned was that to learn to operate an aircraft by trial and error is a huge risk, especially when you have no clue of what you are doing. The other lesson learned is to never launch an aircraft into the air without proper airspeed. This so that flight is commenced and control is secured when airborne.

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