«To Think it – Wish It – Even Want It – But to Do It!

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Those words do not come an aviator, but from the theater play «Per Gynt» by the Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen. It is about anything we want to achieve. We need to do it, and do it right! It is that simple and that difficult. In flight it has to be done right, every time. That is not for dreamers but for doers to achieve. Flying is in the end measured by what we do and only that!  To do things right we need proper training and continuous repetitions to maintain the skills needed to operate an aircraft, also when things are not going right. The necessary time and efforts to train and maintain normal an abnormal handling of the aircraft must be in place if one shall «do it» properly. The trend of trying to eliminate pilotage with technology has been dangerous and it seems like the industry has learned their lessons and are reverting to train pilots in basic airmanship skills.

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