We are Finally, launching the Nepal Flying STOL video on Sunday the 31st!

See our new teaser on the front page. The main video is more than an hour long with video shots of all the high altitude STOL ports we were operating on. STOL means Short Take Offs and Landings. You will see some of the most spectacular take-offs and landings with a cockpit view as well as from various angles on the airports. This is from the mid eighties when the runways where “Dirt Strips”, i.e. grass and gravel. It is stick and rudder flying like you probably newer seen it before. The Twin Otter had an autopilot, but I got it removed as we needed to manually fly the airplane at all times to maintain the skills needed to operate in these STOL ports.


Capt. Stein Arne Fossum (now retired)

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